The Current Concepts Story

In 1985, portable bag phones were just being introduced. Computer geeks were contemplating the impact of the Macintosh and loving the 3.5 floppy disk. Windows 1.0 was cutting edge. Japanese upstart Nintendo announced they're importing their Family Computer to the US and their invention of the "SD TV's."
Glen had the vision to see that home automation technology was growing exponentially and there was an opportunity in the Lehigh Valley that needed to be addressed. After working solo for more than 15 years, Glen took on a partner, Tim Corby, to help grow Current Concepts to where we are today.
Along with its reputation, the firm grew from two partners to three, taking on Eric Haas, as a partner, lead programmer and technical specialist.  

Susan Smith joined Current Concepts in 2011 to keep everything in check and provide bookkeeping, logistical, and efficiency support.

In February of 2017 Kevin Pardo joined Current Concepts.His focus is on network programming and custom home automation integrating, as well as home theater and audio installation. 

Jonathan Lang's passionate about finding the best fit for each of our customers' needs landed him the Audio and Video Technologist. Jon has over five years experience in the Audio/Video field, and was an easy pick for the expansion of Current Concepts' team.

In January 2019 Eric Haas bought the majority shares of Current Concepts so that long time owner, Glen Hill could retire.  Haas is going to make some twenty-first century improvements in Current Concepts; enabling the company to not only sell, but also monitor security systems. In addition, Haas hopes to expand the business online; selling non-protected products on Current Concepts’ website in the near future.
Being a versatile team, the same people are involved from the initial design, through installation, maintenance, service, and training. The possibilities are endless, and we can completely customize anything to fit your lifestyle or budget. Anyone can sell electrical components but it is the Company, its people and its capabilities, that set us apart.  The content and the quality of the total product and system make all the difference.
Current Concepts:
  • Listens to the customer about schedule, costs and goals.
  • Brings creative problem solving to the design process.
  • Understands the technology and its application.
  • Maximizes the full benefits of each piece of equipment.
  • Is able to build on the customers abilities and provide solutions within their comfort zone.
We also provide the necessary education of the latest trends and newest technologies to make sure that all of your needs, both present and future, are considered. Our expertise extends far beyond the newest products. Installation and all that goes on behind the scenes is what enables our systems to improve your quality of life.
“Trustworthy, honest, dependable and responsible” are just some of the comments our satisfied customers say about Current Concepts and their staff over the last three decades.

Our team of professionals are highly specialized, custom integrators, with decades of experience designing and installing practical and functional systems that embellish lifestyles through technology.

What Our Customers Say:

Glen, Eric and Tim have done all of our entertainment and computer work. They have done such a great job that I highly recommend their business. You can add them to your list of preferred contractors in the neighborhood.



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