Posted: 04/30/2018
Wired or Wireless?
We are always asked if we really need to run wire 
if you have a wireless system.  Here is our response:
Wireless is a convenience, it should never be relied on for infrastructure if you have the ability to hard wire it.  A hard wire connection is always faster, more reliable, less prone to interference from the surrounding environment, and more secure.  This point becomes even more pertinent when we start to discuss streaming video (such as Smart TV functionality like Netflix, etc. or sending TV video wirelessly).  Streaming video, especially at higher qualities (HD and even more so for 4K resolutions) is one of the most taxing things you can do to a network infrastructure, so it isn't something you want to leave to a wireless connection.  
This is why we continue to emphasize wiring a home as much as possible 
when the opportunity is there.

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What Our Customers Say:

“It has been about one year since you and your talented staff completed the living room home theater in our basement redesign project. I wanted to let you know how thoroughly pleased Sharon and I are with the results."

Gregg and Sharon


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